Current SuperHero movies in the works

Dear People of the World,

The following are the current Super Hero movie in the works :-

1.  The Flash (2012 – 2013)

The Flash made in 1990’s was a straight into tv series, the pilot and the movie was such a turkey nobody gave a damn about it.  The result, a mass drop and decline of popularity in readership for the The Flash. Now I really liked the way Barry allen was being portrayed as a dumb and obnoxious person, but it just did not get the right mood on the fans. As fans were expecting a bit more. Flash suit was quite ridiculous unfortunately had to follow direct from the comics. It would pay homage to the comic fans, but put in an actor in that suit and it would be a laughing stock. They could have adjusted a bit, mebbe make it less spandexi and more rugged feel like the Batman suit or something. Or I guess Orange and Yellow is just a REAL BAD combination for a suit….

Casting was allright for this movie, but I feel its a cheaptastic feel for this movie!

2.  Green Lantern (2011)

Now the moment we all heard that Green Lantern would be Hal Jordan’s story we really hailed hollywood. In fact even I had my big wide smile when I heard the news. Already I could imagine how they are going to portray the oath in an epic way. I just love the GL oath, it was truly awesome and I wanted so bad that ” Beware my power, The power of Green Lanterns Light ! ” should be the main tagline in the big film poster. And then came disaster….Ryan Reynolds to play the role of Hal Jordan. I went “WTF!!??” How could Deadpool or Hannibal King be Green Lantern ? Isnt there supposed to be a spinoff about Deadpool in the works ???

Here’s my advice : Yes, Ryan reynolds is good choice, his humourous and comedy is good. But Hal Jordan is a test pilot, a very cool, suave and arrogant one at that. Now I saw the trailer, THANK GOD…Hollywood you really did big for Green Lantern. Im sure that the movie will be awesome. But somehow I feel that they shouldve changed the cast. Here’s my version an my take on it.

Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern  = Josh Duhamel.(Pronounced Duh-Mel)  Yep, Josh wouldve portrayed Green Lantern well but unfortunately, its just never meant to be.Lets just cross our fingers and make sure that GL turns out to be as awesometh as I had anticipateth…

3.  Ghost Rider : Spirit of Vengeance ( 2012 )

Now casting Nick cage was actually a good idea to portray one of my own personal fav Superhero,  Ghost Rider. But to make him eat jelly beans, to make him look a big Doh! creature like Homer Simpsons, now THATS IT!. But the FX and his hellcycle was super cool. But thank our lucky stars, Nicholas cage was interviewed recently and he said that this movie is more gritty and darker than the previous movie.  Johnny blaze will be smoking and will be flashing long hair. There is also a good deal that we might see Vengeance, the other GR superhero

. You could already see the vengeance hell cycle in the movie shoot.

4.  The Avengers (2012)

Avengers Assemble

The cast seemed to be rocking, unfortunately for HULK. Edward norton said that he will not be playing Bruce Banner or the Hulk, he’s been replaced by Mark Rufallo and is being voiced by the Legendary Lou Ferigno ( 1977 TV series HULK). Robert “IronMan” Downey jr, Chris (CapnAmerica)Evans, Chris(Thor) Hemworth, Don(warmachine)Cheadle,  and others play vital roles in this SUPER BIG movie.

The X-Men is going to be largely overshadowed due to this movie. The expectations level for fans for this movie is set higher probably then an up-coming Star Wars movie or another Matrix or Lords of the Ring. For this author. The Cast is rite and the way they have been introducing bits and peices of the big puzzle as easter eggs in the end credits scenes during individual superhero movies are just so sweet.


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