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THE INHUMANS – Role Cast Calling

Dear Everyone,

Now we have had our share of X-Men 1, X2 : Xmen United, Xmen 3 : The Last Stand, Xmen Origins : Wolverine and now Xmen : 1st Class. Soon we will also be having our share of the Avengers. ANOTHER Super duper blockbuster super hero team up we would like to see would be THE INHUMANS.

The Inhumans may be largely unknown to some but quite well known to avid comic readers. The beautifull concept behind The Inhumans would be the various character developments for the heroes behind the inhumans. A great way to introduce this movie would be to do it like how Zack Snyder did in Watchmen. There were no specific villains in the movie, the heroes and the villains were the Watchmen themselves. So in THE INHUMANS I am sure to bring them by studying thier individual characters slowly and knowing them inside out. The Inhumans were exposed to Terrigen Mist which gave them thier new found abilities. They are actually consisting of a Royal family that is based from thier Alien City called Attilan. This movie could also be made to cross over to a KREE/SKRULL War which could be introduced in a future AVENGERS 2 Movie.

The best thing about the Inhumans is that they rarely portray themselves as heroes. In fact they have many times had scuffles with other super heroe teams as well, especially with The Fantastic Four and also at time with the Avengers due to the relationship between Crystal and Pietro ( QuickSilver). This movie could also be another tie-in with the Avengers should they wish to further explore the saga.

Below is my own casting call for a Future INHUMANS movie. (Hopefully to be slated for Summer 2013)

The Black Bolt / The Silent Leader / Blackagar Boltagon

Black bolts power would be to manipulate the electrons in his body so that he could use this energy as for flight, force fields, energy blasts and sound blasts.Because of this power he has also Vowed to NEVER speak. Therefore his queen Medusa acts as his own translator for all.

My Roll Cast : Mr. Dominic Purcell – This JOHN DOE /Dracula in Blade 3 : Tv series/Movie star represents a sense of calm and yet resiliency that we can see in Black Bolt. And he’s bald feature with his sullen eyes does gives a good effect. Plus I dont think he’d be that expensive to cast.


Medusa / The Inhuman Queen

Medusa’s character represents a loving loyal wife as well as a Queen to the Inhumans. Her power is to telekinetically use he hair to practically do anything. She could use her hair to lift heavy objects, use it as a rope or even be able to use it like Spideys Web. She is also a master interpreter and translates every single thing for her husband, the Black Bolt.

My Roll Cast : Ms Kate Mara – This lady who has appeared in Iron Man, should be already comfortable in acting with Superheroes. Her eyes and hair Kinda matched. And her penchant for Red colour kinda also makes her a good match. Off course her haid could be dyed red and most of her abilities can be in CGI. But the most important is that she should look ravishing at the same time a loving and reliable wife to a mute husband.


Karnak / The Shatterer

Karnak’s character is by far the most different since, he has no physcial super power attributes. But he has great skills in Martial Art, agility, stamina, durability and enhanced reflexes. Sort of remind me of Iron Fist too.. But whenever he is not pulvirizing anyone, he’s also the Inhumans priest and religious leader.

My Roll Cast : Mr Robin Shou ( Liu kang of Mortal Kombat, / Gen in Street Fighter : Legend of chun li) he would fit to play as the wise and agile martial artist character in this movie. Though he may not posses the true acting ability like Jason Scott Lee in Dragon Bruce Lee;s story, but at least he would make up for his stunts acts and martial arts which he would be rather good at. Karnak would also be quite suitable for his body figure as he fits in quite well.


Gorgon / The Thunderer

Gorgon’s character appears to be a brute and fierce no nonsense character. He has oversize body and also hooves as his foot. He has extremely durable body with brute strength. An ability to create shockwaves by stamping his hooves/foot on the ground. Other than that he appears to be like the Juggernaut for this movie. If he talks it would be a lot of bull and thrash talk.

My Roll Cast : Mr. Gerard Butler,  / Mr Matt Wilig : yes Im thinking this Hunky super brutish super SPARTAN can be just the right actor for this Character. But howver, it may be wishful thinking. Another powerfull Actor that can fit this character would be Matt Wilig. He’s wieght and height could be a real good assimilance for the character. With a bit of makeup Im sure he might stand tall above the rest. Compared to Gerard would cost a bomb, Im sure Matt would be willing and also reasonably affordable in terms for casting.



Triton / The Amphibian

Okie Im getting tired of Typing, So im gonna do the easy peasy thing. : Triton is member of the Inhumans‘ Royal Family, son of Mander and Azur, brother to Karnak, and cousin to Gorgon, Black Bolt, Maximus, Medusa, and Crystal. Triton was born on the island of Attilan, and was exposed to the Terrigen Mist as an infant. The mists altered his body, turning his skin green and giving him the ability to breathe underwater, as well as surviving the cold temperatures and incredible pressures of the deep. An unfortunate side effect was the loss of the ability to survive in a non-aquatic environment. As a result, he lived in a specifically designed area of the Inhuman’s city-state of Attilan, requiring a special breathing apparatus to leave the water. The apparatus, cumbersome at first, was eventually reduced in size by fellow Inhuman, Maximus the Mad. Triton’s mutation after Terrigenesis was so severe that his parents disallowed his brother Karnak from going through it.

COPY PASTED from Wikipedia.

My Roll Cast : Luke Goss. Why cos I feel his ominious presence would work out well. He has also had his share of acting in Comic heroes movies. He was the bad guy in Blade 2 and also the baddie in Hellboy 2. Plus He would be quite good with scales or fins. Makeup and CGI could take care of most of his work.




SUPER 8 : Nothing Super About It !


Dear Everyone,

Now there is a great buzz going around about the newly Steven Speilberg produced and JJ Abrams directed movie called Super 8. Now just to update everyone….SUPER 8 IS NOT A SUPER HERO MOVIE !!! Tho the title may sound like one, but Super 8  as the title suggest it actually refers to the old Super 8 (8mm) camera. So this movie is about some kids in school in the late 70’s were about to shoot thier own movie about zombies in thier neighborhood using thier Super 8 camera.

Now the story suddenly takes a mystical SCI FI turn, when a train that goes on a railroad track close to where these kids were shooting suddenly crashes. This train howver is actually transporting some “cargo” to Area 51.  As per the trailer suggest something bangs the door and comes out. Then all hell is broke loose. The kids start running for thier lives when thier neighborhood is now under attack by some Extra Terrestial creature.

As of yet…we have yet been able to see how and what this ALIEN creature looks like, but we have to wait until the movie is released. Now I hope it does not turn out to be another CLOVERFIELD !!! So there you go folks….NOTHING to do with SuperHeroes or the like. Sci-fi buffs however might be interested in this movie. After all its A STEVEN SPEILBERG movie and it involves kids, so dont get your hopes too high into seeing this Alien creature starts rampaging the streets and brutal killings. I guess it will be all screams, some persons being pulled and dragged away…and all the while the Audience is going…WHAT IS IT ??? WHAT THE HECK IS IT ????

We might hear some more growling and some alien type of voices, then bang !! an explosion people screaming some more, we hear the army people firing thier weapons, bullets flying everywhere and WE STILL DONT FREAKING SEE THE CREATURE….but normally we finnally see the creature towards the end. Those kids probably would find a way to put that creature out for good and Earth is saved. ALL IS GOOD….then the kids start to reshoot the movie and it all ends well…sigh….such a heart warming tale isnt it??

THIS IS THE ALIEN CREATURE THAT COMES OUT FROM THE TRAIN and causes the Havoc…SO No Superhero in this y’all..