SUPER 8 : Nothing Super About It !


Dear Everyone,

Now there is a great buzz going around about the newly Steven Speilberg produced and JJ Abrams directed movie called Super 8. Now just to update everyone….SUPER 8 IS NOT A SUPER HERO MOVIE !!! Tho the title may sound like one, but Super 8  as the title suggest it actually refers to the old Super 8 (8mm) camera. So this movie is about some kids in school in the late 70’s were about to shoot thier own movie about zombies in thier neighborhood using thier Super 8 camera.

Now the story suddenly takes a mystical SCI FI turn, when a train that goes on a railroad track close to where these kids were shooting suddenly crashes. This train howver is actually transporting some “cargo” to Area 51.  As per the trailer suggest something bangs the door and comes out. Then all hell is broke loose. The kids start running for thier lives when thier neighborhood is now under attack by some Extra Terrestial creature.

As of yet…we have yet been able to see how and what this ALIEN creature looks like, but we have to wait until the movie is released. Now I hope it does not turn out to be another CLOVERFIELD !!! So there you go folks….NOTHING to do with SuperHeroes or the like. Sci-fi buffs however might be interested in this movie. After all its A STEVEN SPEILBERG movie and it involves kids, so dont get your hopes too high into seeing this Alien creature starts rampaging the streets and brutal killings. I guess it will be all screams, some persons being pulled and dragged away…and all the while the Audience is going…WHAT IS IT ??? WHAT THE HECK IS IT ????

We might hear some more growling and some alien type of voices, then bang !! an explosion people screaming some more, we hear the army people firing thier weapons, bullets flying everywhere and WE STILL DONT FREAKING SEE THE CREATURE….but normally we finnally see the creature towards the end. Those kids probably would find a way to put that creature out for good and Earth is saved. ALL IS GOOD….then the kids start to reshoot the movie and it all ends well…sigh….such a heart warming tale isnt it??

THIS IS THE ALIEN CREATURE THAT COMES OUT FROM THE TRAIN and causes the Havoc…SO No Superhero in this y’all..


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