This blog is called as “Hero Role Calls”. The main objective of this blog is to introduce ideas and sharing of   thoughts on casting the rightactors and actresses for a superhero based movie project in hollywood. Its a site where fans from all over the world can share thier thoughts and ideas about how a superhero movie should be created. Movie directors/producers and casting directors are all welcomed to view and share thier personal views and/or comment on this blogs content. Your feedbacks and comments are greatly  appreciated and TOTALLY welcomed by all means !!! And this author also does not mind even if its a hate comment.

This blog could be used a resource center and fact finding website by casting directors, agents, producers and other movie buffs to share thoughts and ideas about having the right talent pool for a movie project. This blog will also give updates on current, on-going and finished movie projects around hollywood that is based on a superhero character.

Comic fan enthusiasts will fin that from this blog one, can really garner a lot of info and resource sharing through this website. Its starting off as a blog but this Author believes that soon it will be a great website that everyone can share and benefit from mutually. This author also thanks you greatly for viewing this about page. It shows only one thing, and that is Your KEEN interest in this blog and for this…the AUTHOR wishes he/she could just over and give u a BIG hug for that small gesture out of love.

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for viewing this page. Please do stay on and read other pages and PLEASE ! PLEASE ! PLEASE do comment and give your views. Its only through your views/comments and suggestions can this blog become what it is inteded for.


Soopahero.( THE AUTHOR)


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