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Welcome to Heroes Roll Calls !!!

This site is meant for all Hollywood casting directors, talent agencies, movie producers and super hero comic book fanatics alike to share thier thoughts and ideas in how to place in the RIGHT type of cast to produce the Best action epic Super hero movie out there.

Now many times have hollywood executives has been experiencing as of late a lot of grave critics and bad feedbacks on the way a super hero movie is made. Its not because they may have a bad script or story or even screenplay. But it always drops down to the very ability of casting the right actor or actresses to play the right roles.

Now in the world of comic book superheroes, almost all of them live double lives. They have alternate egoes to live thru thier daily lives, they would have to handle their super powers abilities, they would also need to juggle thier social lives and at the same time they would need to adapt to normal social living conditions to make them NORMAL. Think about it, I feel that even most actors and actresses in Hollywood actually LIVES double lives…Sad to say.  But the fact to the matter is, its in the hands of both the director and the casting crew to pool in thier resources to get in that RIGHT actor/actress to portray the super hero in honest and likeable way.

I will start this post with a double bonus feature to get right in the game.  Lets start with the current news and spills in Hollywood about up-coming superheroes movies in the making. ( I MEAN TOTALLY UPDATED 2011 )